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Best email software

Best email software

What email software do people us. I used to use Eudora but when I switched to Windows 7 it had a freak out and I lost a lot of stuff.

I'm currently using gmail and using the folders on there but I want something on my machine. I have full offsite backup as well.

It's just the one PC. No server or anything like that.

Cheers for your help!


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03rd Feb 2012 15:02


I have used both of these in the past:

If you get Outlook you could either:

1) download your email from your gmail account using an IMAP connection - effectively ensuring email etc. backup (although whether the outgoing emails backup I am less certain)

2) Redirect email to your Outlook and then run the Microsoft addin which backs up your Outlook file (.pst) when you exit Outlook (the reason it has to do that is that the .pst is an active file so normal backup procedures cannot run on it if it is open)

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03rd Feb 2012 15:19

Postbox / Thunderbird

I'm a big fan of Postbox which is a paid Gmail desktop client. For everything else, I use Thunderbird which, for a free and open-source client, is amazingly powerful and flexible.

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04th Feb 2012 00:23

Another vote for Thunderbird

Has been great for me. Have several e-mail accounts all operating on it, very good search and sort functions.

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