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Best online software for PayPal transactions ?

Best online accounting software for PayPal transactions ?

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Would anyone like to exchange experiences and thoughts on the best online accounting software for handling PayPal transactions?
Until now I have "survived" on .csv / .xlsx / SUMIFS / journals, but it can't go on.

In particular, from the bank feed, the software needs to handle:

  • gross / charges / net (not just net and work out the charges yourself and do a journal to gross up)
  • dumping or ignoring 'non-balance affecting transactions'
  • dumping or ignoring foreign currency transactions (as above)
  • irregular transaction 'Types'
  • transfers to/from current accounts and credit cards, handling timing differences and without duplication or omission
  • anything else?

It would be nice to hear from QuickBooks / Sage One / Free Agent / Kashflow / Xero / ClearBooks etc.

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By johnt27
16th Apr 2019 11:34

Xero or QBO both handle PayPal with ease. Forget the rest as they're not a patch on these two.

If your client/business has linked PayPal to some form of sales system - Shopify, for example, then again both Xero and QBO have some really neat workflows to tie everything together.

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By accountantccole
16th Apr 2019 12:29

Xero and QBO work fine and you can set up rules so the charges are automatically posted with minimal manual work. I think FreeAgent works OK too (been a while since I have had a client with paypal on it) but you have to manually tell it where to put things but can be bulk update and you can let it guess transactions if you are feeling brave

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By Sean - Pandle
16th Apr 2019 17:24

Pandle has a great automatic feed for Paypal which handles all of the above.

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18th Apr 2019 14:53

As a cost effective non-cloud solution which has an importing tool for any csv file.

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