Best software for a start up

Accounts;tax and payroll software

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Appologies as I am sure this has been asked a lot but not been able to fine a recent response. It looks like the general consensus is

Payroll: Brightpay

Tax: taxfiler

Accounts: taxfiler and/ VT


Is this still the case or have things moved?

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By Wanderer
16th Jan 2021 02:57

Opinions vary but it always generally comes back to a combination of:-

Payroll: Brightpay, MoneySoft
Tax: Taxfiler, BTC, TaxCalc
Bookkeeping Offline: VTT+
Bookkeeping Online: Xero, Pandle, QuickBooks
Accounts: Taxfiler, BTC, VT
+ a few others

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Replying to Wanderer:
blue sheep
16th Jan 2021 07:22

Agree with that, I would add Freeagent in the bookkeeping because its good and free for nw/rbs clients but no one bookkeeping software works for every client.
I would also add that if you have taxfiler I see no need for vt as well

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
16th Jan 2021 09:18

When I started 7 yrs ago, I went with Moneysoft for payroll and Taxcalc for accounts/tax. I’ve been very happy and haven’t even considered changing.

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By tltodman
16th Jan 2021 12:19

I'm a one (wo)man band and use Moneysoft for payroll, VTT+ for bookkeeping and VT Final Accounts for accounts preparation, TopUpTax for all tax returns & Senta for practice management/workflow/digital signatures. Consider them all good value for money and do exactly what I need them to.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
16th Jan 2021 13:23

Depends on your budget/ambitions.

Taxfiler does a job and is really well priced but you will likely outgrow this and have to change which creates a big time cost 2/3 years down the line.

BTC/Taxtalc are mid range and will be ideal for practice with up to a few hundred cleints (we use Taxcalc as a 100 client firm)

Top end, Iris, Digita, CCH etc

Payroll - Brightpay

Bookkeeping we use Xero, plenty of alternatives.

GoProprosal - for quoting/compliance

You will need to consider workflow/crm at some point so Pixie, accountancy Manager Senta etc.

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Replying to Glennzy:
blue sheep
16th Jan 2021 13:44

Glennzy wrote:

Depends on your budget/ambitions.

Taxfiler does a job and is really well priced but you will likely outgrow this and have to change which creates a big time cost 2/3 years down the line.

Not wishing to open a huge debate on this already much debated topic but what makes you say a practice will outgrow TF?
2 things I have found TF will not do - consolidated group accounts (in 25 years I have had one client that needed this last year), and I have another PITA client that doesnt like the accounts headings which you cannot change. Apart from that I cannot see why TF would not suit any size of general practice.

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Replying to NH:
By carnmores
16th Jan 2021 14:35

I agree NH , I have used Taxfiler for 8 years so I do not agree that you will necessarily ourgrow it it has never not been able to deal a tax case I have and although the accounts part is limited there is always a workaround Accountants tend to have a fixation about what the detailed PL says , it doesn't interest my clients. but i do have issues with Iris of course but the user base at Taxfiler is now so large that any changes must be very carefully considered by iris

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By Mr Hobbit
18th Jan 2021 10:42

I've been using BrightPay, Xero and Taxfiler for many years and I have no complaints. Good luck with your new venture.

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By User deleted
18th Jan 2021 11:06

I use Taxfiler and Brightpay

I have around 250 clients and certainly not outgrown Taxfiler. It does exactly what I need it to. I like its simplicity and barebones approach.

Brightpay has a great interface, continually checks things for you (e.g. minimum wage, auto enrolment) in the background and always being developed.

I can recommend both.

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By Slim Freddie
18th Jan 2021 13:26

I've used quite a few products over the years. Here are a few I would recommend to colleagues/clients - Quickbooks, Brightpay, Taxfiler and BTC.

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