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Best way to close off PAYE scheme ?

Best way to close off PAYE scheme ?

Ive previously always waited until the tax year end but wondering what is the best way to do it mid year and can you file the P35 mid year and have everything closed off?



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By DMGbus
09th Jul 2011 15:45

Mid year / "in year P35"

I usually closedown a PAYE scheme as soon as it is certain that it no longer required.

This then gives HMRC a few extra months to actually close the scheme down (or more likely NOT close the scheme down) before a new tax year starts.

HMRC seem to have some internal issues preventing PAYE schemes getting closed down properly - for this reason I tend to try and get redundant schenes closed down as soon as possible, keep evidence of the closedown (as in computer screen grabs) and in some cases I advocate changing the PAYE scheme address to that of the HMRC local PAYE office to prevent no_longer_employers getting  useless reminders to file returns that are not due after the scheme has been closed down.


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