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Best way to find jobs without using recruiters?

Any advice please?

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Hello all,

I am looking for opportunities in the West Midlands region. I cannot stand recruiters anymore. They are so unprofessional and dont have a clue about accountancy & finance opportunities and just throw any job at me. Is there a way of directly applying for jobs to employers? Is there a better way of getting to employers directly, do you use any webistes? I am looking for opportunities within industry as a finance manager.


Thank you

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By Matrix
07th Oct 2020 13:50

LinkedIn. Assuming you are already on there and have good connections. You may have to put a salesy kind of post up if you are comfortable to do that and don’t mind your job search being public.

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By paul.benny
07th Oct 2020 13:59

GAAPWeb, Indeed, Totaljobs, CV-Library, Reed

There's lots of dross, some of the listings are scraped from other sites, and others are endlessly recycled to give the impression of activity. BUT employers who also want to avoid agencies do post on job boards or will search registered candidates.

And +1 to Linke Din.

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By MC1
07th Oct 2020 16:02

Decide upon where you would like to work and why.
If they are small employers, call the receptionist and find out who makes the recruitment decisions, ie who you should write to.
Then send those employers a personal letter with your CV saying why you have written to them in particular.
If they are likely to have opportunities coming up they will be thinking they will save c£5k on recruitment fees by not using an agency so will give your CV a good read.
Follow up with a telephone call after a couple of days "a very quick call just checking you have my CV". If they need staff, strangely they are often too busy to follow up but if you make it easy for them that is helpful to them.
And if that doesn't succeed, widen the net until it does.
If they are large employers then you are probably faced with the agency route.
Hope that helps.

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By lionofludesch
08th Oct 2020 07:18

I'd never get a proper job these days.

Wouldn't know where to start.

In fact, I wasn't all that good at it 30 years ago. Which is why I'm self employed.

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