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Best way to tell HMRC tax code is wrong

What is the simplest way to tell HMRC tax code is wrong

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A colleague (ie not a client) has a tax code that will deduct twice as much tax as needed in respect of an underpayment.

There doesn't appear to be an online service to advise HMRC that they think the tax code is wrong for the year 19-20 - is this correct?



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25th Mar 2019 10:57

0300 200 3300

and, be prepared for a wait. National insurance number should be the only reference required.

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By tom123
to Chris.Mann
25th Mar 2019 11:55

Thanks - He's losing the will to live with that one :)

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25th Mar 2019 11:36

If they have a Personal Tax Account (they do have a PTA don't they?) then theycan notify errors through the PAYE section there

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By tom123
to Paul D Utherone
25th Mar 2019 11:54

Thanks, they do have one - but we couldn't seem to find the appropriate section.

I wonder if it is because it is for next tax year, rather than the one about to end.

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to tom123
25th Mar 2019 16:43

Not sure, but I don't think so. I checked mine before I posted and there seemed to be links to 19-20 codes and the option to notify changes required.

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By catlady
to tom123
27th Mar 2019 10:36

Yes it is there - choose the option of next years tax, find the tax code breakdown and then at the very bottom, there is the chance to change things.

The personal tax account is getting better everyday but is is very hard to find stuff, very little logic has been applied to the design..... especially drilling down into the tax codes!

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25th Mar 2019 12:11

Disgraceful state of affairs, particularly for those without representation.
I think we're all waiting for the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD), which will radically change how we look at HMRC.
I can't remember the last time, I was this excited.

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By Tornado
to Chris.Mann
25th Mar 2019 13:18

'I can't remember the last time, I was this excited.'

I can, it was in 1955 when I won the egg and spoon race.

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