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Big Firm

Big Firm

I have a client who may be about to realise a huge gain on the sale of some land.

My insurance cover isn't enough to cover me for the potential tax due

All in all id be happier if a bigger firm (someone i've heard of and can trust) would complete the tax return with the gain on

Any ideas?




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22nd Feb 2016 14:03

How can we recommend someone that you have heard of and can trust?

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22nd Feb 2016 14:18

I suppose im wondering if anyone has ever done anything similar, I am thinking a big four to top ten firm really i suppose - although i don't know if they do this kind of work (and i suppose you will question if i should trust them!) 


Essentially im talking a big firm that we have all heard of and that i know will have the correct knowledge and skills, and that someone might have contact details for.



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22nd Feb 2016 14:20

What sort of value are we talking? I can't envisage any job that can only be handled by the top 10.

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22nd Feb 2016 14:22

Why not
Ask your pi bods how much cover would cost for this one off

Even if you do go to a bigger firm why not just get them to do the cgt comp?

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22nd Feb 2016 14:42



Cheeky chappy

were talking tens of millions 


The innkeepeer


Yeah thats an idea - i just really want to make sure its spot on as obviously any mistake at that level would be a disaster!

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23rd Feb 2016 10:26


Andrew Lines at BDO Stoy Hayward in Southampton is very good.

I have used him for large mergers, management buys outs and complicated large value tax issues.  On the basis that he is dealing with them every day & I might do one every 5 years. 

I have always found him trustworthy and BDO will have the pi insurance to cover high value cases.

I have tried to copy & paste you a link to his contact details, but for some reason my laptop is having none of it!

Good luck


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