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BIK on electric vehicle

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Anyone know what the BIK %age will be for 100% electric vehicles registered after 5/4/20?

 I have read it will be 0%, 2% and that it is still to be confirmed.

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rebecca cave
By Rebecca Cave
21st Feb 2020 09:06

BIK for electric cars will be 0% for 2020/21 see

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By marks
22nd Feb 2020 00:55

0% 2020/21
1% 2021/22
2% 2022/23

Makes electric cars very attractive compared to petrol and diesel which can be up to 37% of the list price and thats before taking into account the fuel benefit charge.

You can also get grants for installing electric charging units at home as well as possibly being able to put them through business and getting tax relief.

I'm certainly going to look at when current car lease ends in April.

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