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Billing HMRC direct?

Billing HMRC direct?

Someone mentioned recently they had billed HMRC direct for wasting there time rather then going through the old routine of billing a client, collecting a cheque and the client applying for reimbursement. Please could they post here or PM me exactly how they approached HMRC to do this.

I have just had a revision to a 2010-11 tax calculation to collect £1k that had already been collected in 2009-10 'Because the underpayment was in the tax code for 2010-11' As though the bl**dy tax codes were infallible and we just made up numbers on the tax return. 

I am still angry.


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By dhalsey
30th Mar 2012 10:50

Director's office

We have done so on a few occasions, and I write to the director's office at Longbenton:

Inland Revenue Director,

Director’s Correspondence Office


Benton Park View
NE98 1ZZ


Generally, HMRC have insisted the client pay the bill and they then compensate the client, although on occasion they have settled direct. I don't make a habit of it, but do invoice them where I feel they have been extremely bad and let down the taxpayer.


Good luck!


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