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Blackberry contract ending soon - alternatives?

Blackberry contract ending soon - alternatives?

For the past 18 months I've had a Blackberry for checking/answering emails when I'm out of the office.

In all honesty its used very little as I tend to spend 99% of my time in the office and its used most when I'm on holiday.

It works well when I use it but at £25 per month plus VAT its expensive for the very limited use it has.

I already have a Smart phone for private use and am wondering if I should look at some alternatives to the Blackberry - any suggestions?


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17th Apr 2012 19:47

Why not just pick up your business emails on your Smartphone?


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By happy
to Tornado
19th Apr 2012 09:04

Using my phone

Captainblack wrote:
Why not just pick up your business emails on your Smartphone? Captain

I could do that but if my Smart phone is on whilst its in the office it will pick up all emails received in the day which becomes a pain.

I also really dont want to see work emails flashing up on my mobile at the weekends.

Is it possible to set it up so that I choose when emails come through?


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By Hansa
17th Apr 2012 21:27

Why pick them up at all on a phone?

For various reasons I use 3 sim-cards (2 business, 1 private), but like the OP spend much (but not all) of my time in the office.  I have zero interest in Facebook & other "social media" and recently reviewed my needs ...

1. I have kept my "smartphone" (a Nokia E7) as my private phone but as Captainblack suggests, download my business emails onto it.  (its also a good backup Navi system WITHOUT connecting to the internet - the phone has the maps I need).  It also provides a "wifi" network from the 3G signal so that laptops can connect. When roaming, data is off.

2. I have just bought (contract free) a Nokia Asha 200.  A fairly basic but 2 sim phone for my 2 business sim cards.  (The phone looks a bit like a Blackberry but does not have 3G - but cost less than £70).  It does however have the capacity (using the rather slower "Edge") to download emails.  This will be "off" as default but "on demand" when travelling (without attachments to keep data roaming costs under control).

Everyone's needs are different and in my case data roaming is the issue (cost).  However I wonder how necessary 3G actually is.  Isn't the real issue being able to check emails whilst out of the office?  Everything else is a frippery.  

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18th Apr 2012 00:10

Sim free

My wife and myself were happy with the phones we have - I have an HTC with keyboard - so we didn't get new phones and we pay about £5 a month each rather than £30 a month each. I also spend practically all my time at home and if I go out I only take my phone if I expect to use it.

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By Hansa
19th Apr 2012 17:05

I can certainly schedule emails on my smartphone - you simply need to read the manual or search through the options. Failing that, just turn of wireless/3G when not needed.

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