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Every time I click on a subject I get a "WEVALUE YOUR PRIVACY" pop up. I reject them all and save it, but it still returns. They obviously do NOT value my privacy or they wouldn't subject me to this constant harrassment. How do I stop it?

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By zebaa
05th Mar 2020 13:21

Try Firefox.

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By SXGuy
05th Mar 2020 13:59

Even if you accept it pops up again so either way same issue.

Happens to me on chrome for mobile.

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By Moonbeam
05th Mar 2020 14:11

Yes, happening all the time on Chrome on desktop. Will drive us away

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Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
05th Mar 2020 14:23

Hi everyone,

Thanks for flagging the over-enthusiastic pop-up. Just wanted to let everyone know that our Dev team have picked this up and are working on a fix as we speak.

Best wishes

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Flag of the Soviet Union
By thevaliant
05th Mar 2020 16:54

Thought it was just me. I have javascript and cookies disabled by default and whitelist them (only certain cookies) so I assumed I'd not whitelisted enough (I've still got five blocked on this site).

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