Book keeper witholding paperwork

Book keeper witholding paperwork

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Hi all don't know where else to post this question really. I have a problem with my book keeper. They have all my paperwork and were supposed to file my self assessment. However they never did do this and now I have begun to receive fines from HMR&C for failure to file. I have spoken to the tax office regarding this and ultimately they have said it is my responsibility and I need to sort it out with the book keeper. My bookkeeper has advised me they do not know where some of my paperwork is. I have asked that they give me back all they have and I will take everything to an accountant to get this sorted. They have now started avoiding me not answering calls etc, basically refusing to give me my paperwork back. Im now in limbo as how can I make someone give me something if they don't want to, I don't know where to go from here. Does anyone know where I stand legally in regards to forcing the book keeper to hand over my paperwork. The longer I am without it the more fines I am going to incur and I suspect ultimately I may even go to prison as everyone knows you don't mess with the tax man. Can anyone give me any advice?Many thanks

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By dstickl
24th Aug 2013 14:46

Data back up lesson?

I've been reading the pro bono professional responses - in my personal opinion - to OP's original request of: "Hi all don't know where else to post this question really.  I have a problem ... Can anyone give me any [free] advice?  Many thanks". 

So - in response to the request for "any advice" - some advice (including some background opinion/s) was given, some of which sadly was not apparently to OP's taste.  

SUM-UP: What are we to expect - if no data back up made - when disaster strikes?

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By benmore123
13th Jul 2015 13:18

bookkeeper done the runner

Can anyone help.


My bookkeeper has made a right mess of last  years books and my accountant has to sort it out by re-doing all the work.I have been fined by Companies house for late books.

The bookkeeper has now disappeared and this years are also a mess. What organisations are bookkeeper registered with.I need to report this bookkeeper as he is not fit to do any ones books.


i will be considering court action

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