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Book Recommendations

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I'm looking to purchase a couple of books in relation to share valuations and IR35 for a couple of projects I've got coming up. Just wondered if anyone had any books they would recommend (or avoid!!)

Many thanks in advance.

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Head of woman
By Rebecca Cave
09th Feb 2015 09:15

IR35 or employment status?

There is a book on IR35 strategies by David Smith, but it may be a bit out of date now as it was published in 2009

If you want something more along the lines of employment status I would recommend David Kirk's book published by Claritax books.


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By johngroganjga
09th Feb 2015 10:10

On valuations, I can recommend Glover's Valuation of Unquoted Companies.

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paddle steamer
09th Feb 2015 10:17

Share Valuations

You can pick up a really old copy of Hamilton Baynes on Amazon secondhand for a few pounds (I got one before Christmas for circa £5 inc postage) Certainly worth reading re "philosophy" of valuation.

There seem to be few recent publications , Livens is published by Tolley, I think ,so will not be cheap- Tolley don't do cheap books. (Still smarting re one I purchase re JVs about eight years ago that was circa £120)

You may get better input from someone who does valuation for a living, my interest is in the main academic/ personal interest in the subject rather than share valuation for a living.

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