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Bookkeeping or Accountancy Services.?

Bookkeeping or Accountancy Services.?

So I am in the process of setting up & I am unsure whether the business name should contain Bookkeeping Services or Accounting Services.?

I'm aiming to offer; ~Bookkeeping, including adjustments & production of financial statements


                            ~CIS Returns

                            ~Vat Returns


                            ~Year End Accounts & Submission

Based on those services, what do you think i should use Bookkeeping or Accounting.?

Thanks In Advance


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26th Feb 2016 13:53

Well of you are preparing

Well if you are preparing accounts you are an accountant.

Joe Public will assume that an accountant can do bookkeeping (if it is a service they choose to offer) but would not assume that a bookkeeper could prepare accounts.

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26th Feb 2016 13:52

If you are doing everything then you should say accounting. Tax returns and final accounts are not bookkeeping.

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By Paige
26th Feb 2016 14:15

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure before I start using a name. :) 

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26th Feb 2016 16:40

I agree

The term "accounting" has reacquired new life since bookkeepers began expanding their skills into what has been the province of accountants.

To be honest though, the term still carries boring baggage and so, if I was starting again, I'd look for a novel banner, with "accounting" only appearing in the what we do bit. 


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