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Boozy Team Build?

Allowable or disallowable business booze-up.

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Could a team enjoy an evening down the pub for their annual team build as an allowable expense (budget per head £45)?

If they went out for a meal this would be fine but if they substitute steak for shots is this okay?

I can't see anything explicitly under Trivial Benefits rules disallowing this but I know just alcohol expenditure often falls foul of HMRC.

Many thanks in advance :)


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12th Feb 2019 17:14

I can't see why not as long as it is within the trivial benefit rules. There is nothing to say you can't drink £45 worth of alcohol or spend the remaining £5 on paracetamol the morning after.

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12th Feb 2019 17:39

Allowed surely! Who needs food?

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13th Feb 2019 08:10


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13th Feb 2019 09:28


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15th Feb 2019 16:38

Can I join your team please?

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