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Bored waiting on an HMRC call?

A musician transcribed the hold music – what do you do?

 As reported by the Irish Independent, a musician found a way to pass the time while waiting on hold with HMRC - he transcribed the infamous hold music.

With a music notation software open, Alan Drever-Smith used the 20mins waiting on hold to "entertain himself" and transcribe. 

He posted the music on Facebook (image below if you wanted to play along at home)

HMRC hold music
Alan Drever-Smith

On face value, he thought HMRC's hold music is "quite upbeat and funky" but as many advisers can attest, it's repetitive. 

He added: "It’s probably not been changed in several years, and the quality is so poor, it’s been etched into the consciousness of everyone who would call up HMRC and drives everyone insane!”

So, you've heard what this musician does while he's waiting on hold with HMRC, now it's over to you - what do you do to entertain yourself? 


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08th Nov 2018 16:52

Scrolling through AWeb tends to be my distraction of choice.

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to Lone_Wolf
09th Nov 2018 16:12

Lone_Wolf wrote:

Scrolling through AWeb tends to be my distraction of choice.

This is what I do or Facebook and when they do eventually answer I've forgotten what I wanted ! In fact I'm on hold now - chasing up two CT refunds.

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By SXGuy
08th Nov 2018 16:59

Only 20 minutes on hold?

Sorry don't believe it happend.

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By itp3e
09th Nov 2018 13:44

I couldn't possibly comment!

It would embarrass the gentlemen of this fraternity!!

(To the ladies it would be water under an inconsequential bridge).

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09th Nov 2018 16:33

Use monitor on my very dated BT office phone - the sort with the twisty cable- and get on with some work.

If wanting real distraction from work then once on monitor hold by twisty cable over side of desk and let the handset spin around to get rid of the kinks in the twisty cable.

I have at home, though not plugged in, a really old phone (converted to modern socket) -one with a circular dial with holes- that I keep meaning to see if I can get it to work , it will need an inline bell as my father had it in his cottage and without one it would not ring- hold on, an accountant with a phone that does not ring, why did I not think of that before.

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09th Nov 2018 16:34

Duplicate deleted

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13th Nov 2018 12:53

I normally check emails or make myself a cuppa. Sadly, I'm not skilled to transcribe the hold music.

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