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Bothersome neighbours

Tell me about your homes and how they are vis a vis noise and neighbours

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So for the 6th consecutive weekend all we can hear in our living room is screaming children, screaming parents and the bass from a radio. Currently my neighbours have friends round (what lockdown?) so this is all being turned up to 11.

I'm therefore daydreaming about where else I could live without having this issue. But I suspect no matter where I roam I will have similar issues, if we lived in a big detached our neighbours would just have more space to be noisy in and I imagine our gardens would still touch, so that would only solve the noise through walls issue and only move the neighbours a few feet further away, plus they’d be richer neighbours...

Short of a lottery win followed by buying an island or a truly isolated property (which would then still have boundary issues)...

So regale me with stories of your homes and how peaceful or otherwise they are. Or, probably better yet, tell me how you cope with being unable to have quiet enjoyment of your home, or office, or general space.

Im off to listen to Music for Airports in the bath :)

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By Les Howard
30th May 2020 18:01

My neighbours can hear someone practising One Vision by Queen on guitar.

Oh, that would be me!

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30th May 2020 19:59

Well I consider myself lucky and privileged living in a lovely quiet road in the New Forest. Have a lovely house with an acre of wooded garden. There are 13 houses on 13 acres. It is so peaceful and green with no noise. We are all of the age where children have moved on. Occasional grandchildren appear but there is never any shrieking.
But - there is always a downside. Move out to the end of the road and you hit Tourist Alley. Just been to have a look at the camper vans parked up for the evening in a forest car park. The village was packed at 9.00am.

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By mrme89
30th May 2020 22:49

Our suffering comes from next door’s dog. Barks day and night. In a morning, without fail it barks at 6am when they let it out for a [***]. It sounds like it’s at the bottom of our bed.

Other than that, we live on a pretty good street. Neighbours are friendly enough and no busy bodies.

We had a BBQ last night and then had a good night talking to the other next door over the fence until around 11pm before the single malt caught up with me. Felt a bit wheezy this morning from the 3 cigs I had (very occasional social smoker).

We have some communal space toward the back of our gardens that belongs to the council that they don’t really do anything with. During lockdown everyone has made the effort to tidy up and plant flowers which is nice.

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Replying to mrme89:
By Jfg
31st May 2020 13:55

Yes our bug bear is next doors dogs. One barks and the other one yaps and when my husband spoke to them, they got very shirty and said their dogs didn’t bark, even though my husband had to raise his voice to be heard. I know it’s not just us, the people the other side have complained as well. Fortunately most of our neighbours are quite old but I can just imagine the noisy bbqs, kids etc. Life is crap enough t the moment as it is without all this on top.

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Hallerud at Easter
30th May 2020 23:16

They are all noisy, the hot weather has them out in their gardens, as I type this downstairs have smoke wafting up from their fire pit accompanied by instrumental music and the voices of extra bodies who do not live there and next door have music, conversation and extra voices (not for the first time) and laughter coming over the wall.

I must admit social distancing with all of them seems an alien concept, that includes the neighbours on the other side who seem to have had the grandchildren around earlier (not for the first time) , but at least they only shriek during the day as they are young so will now have departed home to their beds.

Yet here we are, in midst of all this, at lunchtime, for the first time in weeks, my daughter has her long standing boyfriend around, she actually gets to see him, they sit in the back garden about three metres apart to talk, observing all the advice, yet elsewhere few others really seem to be bothering.

I do really ask myself, why are we observing the rules when nobody else around us seems to be bothering, are we mugs or are most of my neighbours selfish, middle class ******, who believe themselves above guidance and the law?

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By New To Accountancy
31st May 2020 00:51

I like noise, it settles me, but I've not experienced it to a point where its disruptive.
I have young children and I am very conscious of our neighbours and I make a constant effort to take my children out to burn their energy. I live in a close and everybody is extremely proud of their front and back gardens. As they're elderly, I always think that their gardens and families are all they have to enjoy and id never want to spoil any of their peace with my noise.

I remember one of my neighbours had dementia and she heard children shouting and she excitedly came outside as she thought it was her friends calling her out to play, she explained to me in great detail the game she had just played with her friends, so for her, this noise was a beautiful reminder

When my eldest was born, she would only sleep listening to a hairdryer, now she can only sleep in silence, but - I can now only sleep listening to a hairdryer so I pay an annual fee for an app on my phone and every night I switch on this hairdryer noise and I'm out.

Noise is such a strange thing and can be perceived so differently from one to the next.

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By memyself-eye
31st May 2020 11:17

The neighbours in the cell next to mine are always shouting and screaming. I've mentioned this to the warders but they're not interested.

Still I'll be out in 'five' and the food's free.

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Replying to memyself-eye:
Red Leader
By Red Leader
01st Jun 2020 11:41

Gives lockdown a whole new meaning.

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By stepurhan
31st May 2020 12:23

End of terrace so only one immediate neighbour.

They have a couple of young girls, so the garden is ocassionally noisy when they are out. No noise through the walls though. All the neighbours on the terrace appear to be observing the rules properly, so no big parties like I keep hearing about from others.

So not too bad for me.

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By FirstTab
31st May 2020 14:13

Just one email to my local authority. Sorted.

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By Constantly Confused
31st May 2020 17:46

Hi all

Thanks for your varied responses :)
They have genuinely made me feel better.

We are second to the end house, both sides of us have young children but you never hear one side (despite them being jammed in at least 5 plus baby to a 2 bedroom house...). The side who is screaming (they did take a break from last night till a few hours ago, but are back in full force now) are the end house, I imagine if we had two neighbours they would be more conscious of noise, but as it’s just us and we rarely say boo to a goose they don’t show restrain.

Anyway, we have a plan - new double glazing (our living room window has internal condensation, so very little sound insulation) and I’ve invested in some noise cancelling headphones for if I need a break. If it was just me I’d relocate to the front of the house, but my other half doesn’t feel the stress like I do and so doesn’t think it warrants the effort.

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Replying to Constantly Confused:
By memyself-eye
01st Jun 2020 11:33

Double glazing won't be as effective against noise as secondary glazing (which has a wider gap). Internal condensation is caused by lack of airflow- ventilation. Double glazing won't solve that either.

I do accounts too, sometimes.

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Replying to Constantly Confused:
Red Leader
By Red Leader
01st Jun 2020 11:43

Try reporting them to the local council if the noise is against the council's policies. It's worked for us with a persistently noisy neighbour having parties going on through the night.

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By Paul D Utherone
01st Jun 2020 12:45

No problems, which probably means we're the problem

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By Dib
01st Jun 2020 12:58

From our house in about 1/4 of an acre the non-natural noise is the occasional motor vehicle in the lane outside or neighbour working in next door farmyard. Apart from that it is just bird song mainly - those blackbirds can be noisy!

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By Cheshire
01st Jun 2020 15:22

I am being driven slowly stark raving bonkers by my neighbours noise. Being a wee bit bonkers in the first place doesnt help, but I swear I could be building a bigger patio very soon!

All of them make some noise, but there is one who plays their music like they are playing to Glastonbury, plus their children screech. She is a heavily tattooed weight lifting nutter (moved in from out of the area....Im such a snob!) She practically has a gym in her back garden and even the pinging of the weights is grating! Im hoping one of them pins her to the ground and her family dont find her for a few days!

None of their immediate neighbours want to say anything, its clearly being left to me, who doesnt stand for any messing about, but why in hell should I be the one to yet again have a stand up row with these idiots? So Im digging my heels in and wearing my Bose noise reducing headphones (despite them being a wee bit warm to wear in the garden!)

Very young neighbours on other side had a party - warned me it would be noisy, invited me for a drink (the usual you do to keep the neighbours from complaining!) and apologised about 15 times beforehand and the same the day after. Wasnt even that bad, certainly all packed up and gone by 1am! Lovely peeps.

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By enanen
05th Jun 2020 10:52

Live in the country with no neighbours.

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