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Brand new Agent Services PAYE dashboard!

Can now view PAYE liabilities for clients

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Has anyone else been greeted with a new screen when trying to log in to the 'old' agent services account asking 'would you like to see your clients PAYE liabilities?'.

This was observed when logging in today (15/08/2021).

Of course I clicked 'Yes' and I was asked to confirm which clients we were still acting for (2 options - confirm or remove). Took a bit of time to go through our list.

Provided you have full authority with the client (not just FBI2) you can see everything! If you have limited authorisation, you can still view the traditional PAYE service. The service also makes it clear what level of authority you have in place.


There is a note if you try to access a client with limited authority:


You have limited authorisation with this client.

You cannot access this client’s liabilities and payments statements as you are only authorised with form FBI2.

You can still use all your usual HMRC online services to manage your client’s tax affairs.

Get full access

If you want to view this client’s statements you can apply online for full authorisation. You will get the same level of authorisation as returning both forms 64-8 and FBI2.

Before you apply, ask your client if any other agent is currently authorised to do their PAYE. Only one agent can have full authorisation at a time, and by applying you will remove any other authorised agent.

This is a big deal for me, so I thought I would bring it to everyone's attention. Note that it does say at the top of the page that this is a trial service.



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By Paul Crowley
15th Aug 2021 15:29

You missed the comment that stated an agent is breaching GDPR is agent fails to delete their limited access
HMRC one of the biggest GDPR offenders in the UK?
Does HMRC really understand how GDPR rules operate for businesses?

at least three of us last week
This has been available to others for YEARS
How can HMRC be trusted with IT when this has been withheld fron minor tax agents for so long
What hope is there that MTD ITSA will be dished up equitably?

The inequable access to PAYE and CIS for agents has led to strange results with HMRC
HMRC pretend we have all had access for years
HMRC employees are not informed how badly HMRC operate IT and services available for agents
Agents are to HMRC totally irrelevant inconveniences

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By AdamMurphy
15th Aug 2021 19:00

Well now I have been deemed worthy to be added to the system too.

Though with how HMRC allocate PAYE payments, not sure how useful it will be.

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By Hugo Fair
15th Aug 2021 20:33

So, instead of issuing some kind of Welcome message ("now open - here's the key to the door") ... HMRC appear to have simply left the door unlocked and are waiting to see who bothers to try opening it?

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By SXGuy
16th Aug 2021 06:43

Yes last week happened to me. Was so excited to see that I can now check hmrcs incorrect paye allocations.

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