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Bridging Software - VAT

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Quick question - can anyone recommend good bridging software for MTD - prefereably free.


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By Paul Crowley
01st Dec 2021 21:13

It comes free if you buy the other products
Alternative is google

Real life
Good costs money. The good £1 per submission at start of MTD VAT now costs £28 per submission. We now use this just for one legacy client
123sheets is used by a couple of clients, not tried myself
Free is temporary
Prefer good to free myself

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
02nd Dec 2021 09:18

We use BTCHub

Basic level costs £275 per year for 250 VAT return submissions, so works out around £1 per return (or covers 62 clients with qtrly returns) but depends on the size of your practice/client base of course....probably too expensive if you only have a handful of clients you do returns for.

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By lesley.barnes
02nd Dec 2021 09:40

I use It isn't free it costs £40 a year plus VAT last time I paid. You can file 10 clients VAT returns for the year for that amount.

When I googled VAT filer several "free" softwares popped up but I didn't look into them to see what was on offer. You could try searching HMRC list there are some free software providers listed.

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By Leywood
02nd Dec 2021 09:44

Quick question, for how many clients?

Try VT. Not free, but possibly worth it depending on the above response

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By Jackie in Wiltshire
02nd Dec 2021 11:55

I use Neilson James Technology. It's not free. Agency is £45/50/90/130 for 5/10/25/50 clients. Very good support if needed.

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By accountaholic
02nd Dec 2021 12:59

Vital tax starts at £12 per year and easy to use.

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By legerman
02nd Dec 2021 13:14

Do you have taxfiler, it comes free with it.

Alternatively, try John Hemmings has built it and is a regular contributor here.

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Replying to legerman:
By Southwestbeancounter
02nd Dec 2021 16:14

We use Taxfiler for our limited companies and partnerships and now use it separately for MTD for VAT via Excel spreadsheets and it works just fine.

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By Peter Anderson
03rd Dec 2021 10:02

We've used Data Dear for free and it worked fine for those clients

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13th Dec 2021 12:54

Not free (although your first submission is) but its kept up-to-date, well supported and well documented...

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