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Bright Pay Hikes Prices again!!! 2020/21

BrightPay connect pricing changes from Per Company to Per Employee

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Is anyone else effected by the change of Brightpay Connect pricing as well?

I paid £199 for five client companies last year. This year the per employee pricing model will cost me nearly £700. I stayed put last year but this might be the last straw!

For heavens sake BrightPay, not under the current climate surely.

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By mbee1
26th Mar 2020 08:11

I was considering the Connect extension this year and the original pricing structure would have worked well. When the new pricing structure was announced I decided against it - I don't have the time to work out the monthly cost for each employer so I haven't bothered.

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
26th Mar 2020 08:24

I find the Bureau licence works perfectly well. For most small businesses Connect doesn't add any value, given that the core payroll is not on the cloud. One thing I wish they would do is improve the Xero API so you don't have to log in for ech company i.e. make it work more like the NEST API.

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By Alex_T
26th Mar 2020 10:00

@hyderaly wouldn't it be more prudent to contact BrightPay directly regarding your situation? Unlike other companies, I have always found them very reasonable if I have an issue. We are big fans of BrightPay and would like to see them remain in the market going forward.

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By Coppice Payroll
26th Mar 2020 10:28

Whilst I would say that price hikes planned now are generally a bad idea, this pricing information was announced in the beginning of December, before we had a global issue, and I would imagine that the new way of charging and the systems put in place superceded the original billing system. My prices will be going up, yes, because I am a bureau with some very large clients, but the fact of the matter is that most small employers will benefit from this (I think any company with fewer than 10 employees?). It will be strange having to take into consideration each month with billing, rather than a one-off yearly cost, but I still don't see a better, cheaper alternative on the market. As someone else suggested, why don't you contact BrightPay with your concerns? They might be able to help with some things as I am sure that they would rather keep a customer. I just try to think of it from the perspective that they offer unlimited support and cloud services, as they grow in size, the bigger clients and bureau's who have moved away from Sage/IRIS at a slower pace will begin to drain the resources, unless of course, they can hire more staff on their end.

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By [email protected]
26th Mar 2020 11:11

We needed to change our Connect pricing model to a usage based model. Some employers with say 2 employees were paying the same as an employer with 2,000 employees, but we have to pay Azure based on usage. We worked out the pricing so that the vast majority of cases would see a reduction. Overall, our total Connect income will fall as a result of this new model. This is a gamble we are prepared to take as the model is more attractive for most customers (particularly bureaus) and could therefore result in additional business for us. Please talk to us if you are one of the few who are penalised by the new model.

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By AWeb72
26th Mar 2020 12:31

I don't use Connect but find BrightPay very intuitive and excellent value for money. As they include at no extra charge such as P11Ds. Payrolling of benefits, auto enrolment, CIS etc., it's still far far cheaper than many other products out there

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