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Brightpay and P60 Stationery

P60 stationery for Brightpay

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We are approaching the end of our first year using Brightpay and whilst the majority of clients utilise the Connect portal a small number still request physical security payslips each month for which we use the Brightpay stationery.  However there does not appear to be a security P60 offering.

What are others using or have we missed something blindingly obvious!

Many thanks

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By alialdabawi
07th Mar 2019 18:48

My first YE on BrightPay as well - though we used the transition of software to convert our clients into sending all payslips/pension letters/P45s by email, therefore cannot assist with identifying stationery.

Given that two of my payroll clients have 250 staff between them, and with fortnightly pay frequencies, I found the shift to electronic tremendously helpful in cutting the time input on the job.

Depends on your willingness as well as that of your clients, but perhaps a new tax year would be a great time to shift to email for payroll communications?

Having said that, it did take me a couple of years of persuading for the client to come round, but never too early to plant the seed...

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By Moonbeam
07th Mar 2019 21:27

Light years ago (it now seems) when I started using Brightpay and was still printing payslips most of the Sage stuff fitted. I'm not sure about the security stuff however.
Can't you persuade these people's staff to give you a password and personal (not work) email address for each of them that you use to protect their P60 and then email it to them? Anything else is going to take you precious time for which you ought to be charging extra - that'll make the decision easier for them!
The days of posting payroll stuff are largely gone for most of us. I just told all my clients it was going to be electronic from now on. The poor dears didn't have a choice.

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