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Despite being quite disparaging towards Brightpay when they announced their new pricing structure, I'm seriously coming round to the idea of moving from Moneysoft to Brightpay, and the determining factor is the Connect add on.  Adding 3 new clients at my minimum chargeable price will cover the additional cost of Brightpay, and the connect option will be a chargeable add on. I am already planning on growing my business considerably this year, so I expect to comfortably swallow the additional cost. I've already discussed Connect functionality with my largest payroll client, and the feedback is positive.

So thoughts please on the connect option, good or bad, and whether I'm mad to increase my payroll costs by 200% initially.

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By ollie
28th Feb 2019 15:47

I am not in practice but run Brightpay for the 2 companies I work for. Connect is really useful - saves me a lot of time and employees like being able to access payslips remotely at 8am on payday. I also use it to make commission statements, employment contracts, staff handbooks etc available to employees in a secure and user-friendly way.
Moved from Sage to Brightpay a year ago and I'm very impressed by the product.

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By Coppice Payroll
01st Mar 2019 11:17

I use BrightPay in a Bureau setting, with BP Connect functionality and I just couldn't recommend it enough. I can't go and bash Moneysoft, as I haven't had any practical experience with the software, but I don't regret my decision to go with BP at all. As for the price rises, I think that the support system (emails, direct from software queries and the phone line) completely justifies the current cost. In fact, I am surprised that they can run the business with such a low one-off fee if everyone asked as much of them as I do!

I started out on my own three years ago and the support/functionality that I got from the system really shaped my success as a business today. It was only more recently that I managed to convince all of my clients to sign up to connect and let me tell you, the automated payslips and P45s alone for me are worth it. No more making sure everything is sent on exactly the right day manually. No more checking off a leavers list after everything is finalised to ensure P45s go out, it just happens! Aside from FPS/EPS and Pensions submissions, when the payroll is cleared with the client, I am done for the month! It's also been a great time saver for me in terms of the reports section. I used to have to generate several payroll summaries, hourly pay summaries, statutory pay summaries, pensions summaries etc. and the client just grabs it all as and when they need it now.

I would say that you need to think about not only the financial implication on 'recovering your costs' but the time as well. I have definitely saved more time moving to connect than I'd imagined when costing it all up.

All in all, can't recommend it enough and personally am happy to pay the current price as it is still highly competitive in my view.

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Replying to Coppice Payroll:
By legerman
01st Mar 2019 11:45

Coppice Payroll wrote:

I use BrightPay in a Bureau setting, with BP Connect functionality and I just couldn't recommend it enough.

Many thanks for your feedback. Do you build the price of connect into your pricing or offer it as an add on? At the moment my clients needs are fairly simple (biggest payroll is 5) but I've just priced up a payroll that'll have up to 25 employees over 2 companies and offered connect as an add on, but by the sounds of it you think the time saving alone will make it worth it.

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Replying to legerman:
By Coppice Payroll
01st Mar 2019 11:55

Fingers crossed that you win that client. It's nice to be able to know your income is spread out a bit more, adds to the safety net.

I charged as an add-on, just at the cost price, when first implemented, although I am toying with the idea of including it in the price and sort of saying "this is how we do it here" so that the time savings pay for themselves. It frees up the time to either allow me to win more clients, or to simply relax, which is a hard thing to do when you work for yourself! If you have any idea the sort of scale you might be working towards this year it might be of benefit to buy a package deal as they do offer discounts.

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