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Brightpay Connect

Anyone using it and what's your rating?

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We are thinking of upgrading our payroll systems. Either a standalone facility or use an integrated accounting/tax/payroll software.

Does anyone use Brightpay connect and how good is it?  Their price is on the higher side as a standalone product.

Any other alternatives that you may recommend?

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By williams lester accountants
19th May 2022 13:21

If it is the employee portal you are looking at, then we use KeyPay and this has a similar portal as standard -

KeyPay doesn't backup your data, as it is cloud based anyway, so that is not required.

We have found the flexibility of having a completely cloud solution is worth the moderate cost of this software, as we couldn't have worked without it through the lockdowns of 2020/2021 and now can run payroll from any of our offices or from home during holiday periods.

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Replying to williams lester accountants:
By Hugo Fair
19th May 2022 13:34

A tad worried (on your behalf) by "KeyPay doesn't backup your data, as it is cloud based anyway, so that is not required".

Irrespective of whether Cloud is a good or bad thing (as always, in reality it's a hybrid of those) ... you are taking a massive gamble in not maintaining your own backups.

Not just in terms of robust access for processing ... the internet can fail in so many places (your router, your ISP's provision, the cloud database, and so on) - some for days at a time.
But also in terms of maintaining records for 7 years (and access to them) ... which leaves you at the mercy of KeyPay (in this example), including their continuation in business and their willingness to support that version & environment for many years.

You may, hopefully, be aware of all that (and KeyPay may well have their own disaster recovery plans alongside your own) ... but to suggest that Cloud = no need for backups is just plain wrong.

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By Slim
19th May 2022 17:45

I couldn’t get on with it, it didn’t seem very efficient and not sure clients would have been terribly happy with it either.

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By jcace
19th May 2022 19:35

I use it for one client with 40+ staff. They like it and it saves on a lot of admin, making all payslips, P60s, pension letters etc available to them whenever they want them. I also like the function that enables staff to request changes to their personal details.
A thumbs up from me.

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20th May 2022 10:52

Used it since inception for 40+clients. Have found it great as so have the clients. No complaints at all. No experience of any other system so can’t compare. It’s simple and common sense.

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By Moonbeam
20th May 2022 11:41

While it has its limitations I think Connect is good.
BP tell me they're currently working on a full cloud system for payroll - very good news as far as I'm concerned.

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By alfredpennypinch
20th May 2022 16:30

We use Brightpay Connect for a small group of 2 companies with 200 employees and never had a complaint about it. All payslips, P60s, P45s, auto enrolment letters etc. are available there and you can also upload employee contracts and other documents.

The only other recommendation I would make in respect of integrated accounts/payroll software is to stay the hell away from Xero Payroll even if you do use Xero for bookkeeping.

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By Leo01
26th May 2022 17:38

Thank you all for valuable comments. I think we will go for Brightpay.

I have also been approached by Capium , promoted as an all inclusive software. Any thoughts on this as an accounting, CT & SA software ?

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