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BrightPay or Money Soft?

Which is your software of Choice?

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I have just taken on three new clients where I will be doing all the finance functions from bookkeeping to accounts, tax and payroll. I have just found out that the Ledgers I purchased from Xero (to maintain the clients records) will not allow me to add the payroll function and that I need to change EACH client to the standard subscription (an extra £13pm plus £5pm for payroll each) in order to use this facility. My only other two payroll customers have their own Xero subscription and payroll bolt-on so no issue processing it through their software.

So given the extra expense, I decided to look round at payroll software and the general consensus is BrightPay and MoneySoft. Having looked at both online, there seems little difference between the two, so I thought I would ask what your preference is, if any?

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By jcace
27th Apr 2018 16:23

You'll get votes for both on this site, but my preference is BrightPay every time.
Its Auto Enrolment features are proactive and intuitive, removing the need to over-think too much in this regard. It also links seamlessly with NEST.
It's easy to use, has free support, and can import from a host of other programs, including Basic PAYE tools, Iris, Moneysoft Sage etc.
It has a built in CIS function (as does Moneysoft) and has a pre-loaded journal feature for Xero (and some other software providers).
It has a free trial period, so why not give it a try?

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By andy.partridge
27th Apr 2018 16:31

Like Moneysoft for its simplicity.
I have clients using Brightpay and its reporting looks more sophisticated.

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By Mouse house
27th Apr 2018 16:36

I personally prefer Moneysoft. I have tried Brightpay as well but I just couldn't get on with it.

As said above though, why not get a feee trial of Brightpay and see what you think.

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By madhumorjaria
27th Apr 2018 17:19

Moneysoft everytime!

Used BrightPay for 2016/17 but didnt live up to our expectations, and have moved back to Moneysoft

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
27th Apr 2018 18:34

Why not try Capium? Its free for any amount of companies with one or two employees. It doesnt do P11D's or Auto Enrolment tho.
But for P11d's you could always use HMRC Basic

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
27th Apr 2018 21:13

Moneysoft has 2 features that I love:
1. Monthly salary details can be auto completed from prior months - for a salaried person in 1 click you can copy a monthly salary to the rest of the year.
2. On the startup screen, there is a list of every client that shows when their next return is due, highlighting any that are overdue.

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
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By Matrix
29th Apr 2018 11:29

I cannot believe that I only discovered the copy button this year. It is great.

I have not used Brightpay but I find the AE letters in Moneysoft good.

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By lionofludesch
28th Apr 2018 14:55

I've never used Brightpay but I've never had any reason to move from Moneysoft.

Great bit of kit.

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By Grayson Moore
29th Apr 2018 10:55

We've just moved from Moneysoft to Brightpay.

Moneysoft has been a great piece of software for the years we've used it. The only gripe we've really ever had was with the monthly update sometimes requiring a full install but that was more of an issue with our firewall/anti virus software and to be fair to Moneysoft their support dealt with this straight away.

Brightpay is an equally great piece of software which has improved year on year. On balance I do think it does deal with Auto Enrolment better than Moneysoft. It does not however have as many stationery options available as Moneysoft if you're after printed payslips. The clincher for our move was the Connect portal which we've utilised for the larger payrolls.

Do a trial of both and see which you prefer.

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By Samantha20
29th Apr 2018 11:50

Re Moneysoft, I don't think you can tailor the AE letters if, for example, the employer wants to pay more than the minimum amount.

Is this possible in Brightpay?

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Replying to Samantha20:
By Alex_T
30th Apr 2018 14:40

You can customise AE letters in BrightPay. Not 100% sure if that includes minimum amounts.

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By Slim Freddie
30th Apr 2018 10:52

Moneysoft vs BrightPay has been debated long and hard on AWeb. You'll find several threads on this very subject. They both offer an excellent service. My vote goes to BrightPay! It is very comprehensive software that is easy to use with no limits on employer or employee numbers for bureau users. It gets better year on year with new features at no extra cost. Download the free trial and have a look.

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By acceje
30th Apr 2018 11:04

Another vote for Moneysoft - easy to use + includes an option to use password protection on payslips sent by email.

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By chewmac
30th Apr 2018 12:00

BrightPay for me too, after having compared them both a couple of years back when AE was being introduced.

Much more modern and up to date than MS. They've been great too - leading the way in making AE automatic from the start.

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30th Apr 2018 12:10

I fully agree with jcace so wont repeat what has been written other to say that BRIGHTPAY is so simple and yet sophisticated at the same time. I would add that there is a cloud based self service add on called Connect. This is magnificent. It enables both client and employee to self service. This again is simple to get to grips with. from both the bureau side and the client Even my most unlikely client is thrilled with it. It satisfies GDPR as well

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By mg200
30th Apr 2018 12:14

Moneysoft does very little marketing - I'm not sure I have ever seen any. It comes recommended by it's users which is a good sign.

Brightpay has thrown the kitchen sink at marketing, and no doubt it is good but I'm sure they will need to get a return on investment at some point.

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By Coppice Payroll
30th Apr 2018 12:43

I started using BrightPay in the 17/18 Tax Year and have been nothing but impressed with everything the software has to offer.

In addition to things that other users have mentioned, such as AE and the Support Team. Functionality, simplicity and affordability are the biggest factors for me.

Recently, I have been setting my clients up with the cloud-based service that BrightPay offer called 'BrightPay Connect'. This took very little effort to set up but means that as well as all of my data being safe, I never have to send a Payslip or P45 again! My clients can check their own reports whenever they want too, no more "Sorry, can I just have another copy of this" as they can access all of the files they could want, whenever they want.

I won't bash Moneysoft as my experience with it has been minimal, but I would very highly recommend BrightPay to anyone and will not be moving providers for the foreseeable future.

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
30th Apr 2018 19:06

I recommend My Paye Ltd They are a Xero Partner and their payroll software is outstanding and it integrates with Xero

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By Counting numbers
02nd May 2018 10:53

You’ll find positive comments for both MS & BP. If you do a search you’ll find this thread comes up a lot.

I’d suggest doing a trial or looking at a demo of each product. We use Brightpay and find it very user-friendly particularly auto enrolment and the integration with Nest. Brightpay’s cloud product Brightpay Connect is a great time saver and will help with GDPR. I’ve moved three clients to Connect so far and they love it. They especially like the annual leave functionality.

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By oor001
10th May 2018 09:41

My preference is always Brightpay and we have used both! We made the decision to move to Brightpay some time ago and have never looked back.
It is very user friendly and the support is fantastic.

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