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Brightpay- restricted user access?

Can you create a user with restricted access on Brightpay?

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Evening all,

I plan on switching to Brightpay soon for payroll, I know its sad but I'm sitting here on Sunday evening and wondering can you create a user with restricted access? I have an employee that prepares weekly payroll occassionally and I would prefer to restrict his access to only view the weekly employees.

Is that something BrightPay can do?

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Karen Bennett
By Karen Bennett
13th Feb 2017 10:18

Hi HouseACA,

Multiple users are possible, but the software does not cater for restricted access, so all users are given access to the full payroll.



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By madhumorjaria
13th Feb 2017 12:54

You can password protect certain payrolls...I have set a password for the office payroll to ensure that only I can look and process this payroll

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By HouseACA
13th Feb 2017 20:33

Thanks for the replies. It's a shame that its not a feature, but it's only one black mark against what seems to me at this stage a great piece of software.

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