Brightpay support?

How good (or not) is Brightpay support?

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A client is considering moving from Sage payroll to Brightpay.

Sage has been solid but v. expensive. The client's concern about switching is the level of support offered. They have found Sage support to be exceptional (I know - who would have thought it?). Their payroll is not huge - probably 60-70 employees in any year but is quite complex so oddities crop up on a fairly regular basis which need a "How do I handle this?" answer coupled with the occasional technical question.

I do not handle payroll or deal with Brightpay but I know a lot on here do so your collective advice would be welcome.

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20th Nov 2019 09:45

My experience of Brightpay support is that it has been excellent. However, like all support, you should not abuse it by asking 'How do I do handle this?'. It is not there to train people, or to act as a short cut for those too lazy to find out themselves.

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Replying to JDBENJAMIN:
By paulwakefield1
20th Nov 2019 11:12

No question of abuse, no question of using support as training and no question of being lazy. So that's OK then.

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20th Nov 2019 11:02

The support from Brightpay is excellent. Always has been. I have used Brightpay for years and years - even before it became Brightpay. They invest a lot into their software. It is user friendly from beginning to end. They respond quickly to any problems sent by Email & are easy to contact over the phone. There is no extra cost for support. A one off yearly payment covers everything. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
In all honesty the software is so user friendly I rarely have to contact support - a good sign

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Replying to NYB:
By paulwakefield1
20th Nov 2019 11:13

Many thanks.

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By Payrollgal
20th Nov 2019 12:01

My first impression of the support was not great. I called and a woman answered in a manner that I wondered if she had been taking a nap. Told me she didn't understand my query and would get someone to call me back. No one called me back.
Since then, I have always used email and have always had a great response. Probably wouldn't bother calling again though.

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By adamsmith72
20th Nov 2019 13:30

Always found it excellent which is why I kept paying even when the fees jumped up.
I email a query and get a response the same day, often within an hour at times.
And they helped me with a Mac specific query which they didn't need to.

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By Slim Freddie
20th Nov 2019 13:51

On the very rare occasion I've needed Brightpay support, I found it very good.

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By paulwakefield1
20th Nov 2019 14:10

My thanks to you all. It appears they have nothing to worry about!

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By clark.hall
20th Nov 2019 16:18

I usually email them but have called in the past. Very helpful either way in my experience and your client will be transferring to a more modern, and cheaper product IMO.

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John Toon
By John Toon
21st Nov 2019 13:17

Better than Sage support and you get a much better product as well!

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By Paul Morgan
21st Nov 2019 16:39

Hi Paul,

I’m sorry to read that your client is considering moving away from Sage. Would you/they like to email me at [email protected] with full details of their concerns with Sage. I’ll then take a look to see if we can provide a more suitable software and/or support plan for their business.


Sage UKI

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