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Brightpearl Software - would you recommemd it to a client

Brightpearl Software - would you recommemd it...

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Would very much appreciate any feedback on the suitability of Brightpearl for a SME in the service industry.

Many thanks

Joe Reid

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By Andywho is fed up
04th Sep 2012 11:06


I've used the accounting side of Brightpearl and all I can say really is that it very "clunky".  You need some intelligence to work out what you are supposed to be doing.   Having said that, corrections are very easy.

So, with some coaching this should work

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By bencooper
04th Sep 2012 15:55

We use it

Let's get the commercial bit out of the way first. If you look us up you will see that we deliver Brightpearl professional services (as well as others). We wont hide that so lets get that out at the start.

Aside from that we are a service based business and happen to use Brightpearl in house. We had a choice of 5 systems (all of which would have cost exactly the same) we could have used and we chose Brightpearl. Here are a few reasons why:

Remote Access - We often work on site and our admin resource is a third party and so we need to be able to log in from all sorts of different places at different times.

Accounting - The system offered us a flexible GL structure, departmental analysis, project costing (basic level), remote expense management and the ability to use description only products for uniformity of reporting

Marketing - All of our contact management and marketing are driven from Brightpearl. Using the FREE API we link to Mailchimp for mail shots and also record all of our calls, activities and notes in the CRM portion of the system. Useful tools such as TAGS allow for the rapid identification of customer and prospect groups for marketing and contact purposes.

Reporting - You can filter and export reports with ease, in terms of day to day reports. We have augmented this with a 10 page report pack that takes a TB feed from Brightpearl, and this is probably the only down side for service business, but for most the reporting function will suffice.

Templates/Forms - The invoice/order templates can be configured to a good level allowing you to have personalised documents.

None of the above is necessarily ground breaking stuff and you can find most of these features in Brightpearls direct competitors; so if I (as a non financial user) had to hang my hat on one thing it is the fact we have remote access, giving me the ability to raise invoices, lookup contacts, review and act on the figures at any point during the month wherever I am.

Brightpearl is traditionally stronger in the retail space for sure, and is feature rich if you are in that sector, but for us as a service based business it delivers everything we require.

We are independent of Brightpearl and work with a range of systems - we just happen to help some of their users get up and running.

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Replying to bencooper:
By Pete57
01st Jun 2017 17:28


Where is the departmental analysis in Brightpearl? There are channels which is not the same.


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