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Broadband only Line

Any downsides?

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Hello, we have a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service meaning we use broadband as a telephone line. It means there is zero hassle in taking our phone number where ever we go. 

I am exploring getting Broadband without a landline option. To my surprise, this is available in our area through BT and Virgin - £32.25 +VAT per month. Due to the speed, Virgin is the one I am likely to go for. My understanding that it would be faster broadband through the cable than a phone line? 

Are they any downsides for not having a telephone line? Is there anything else I should think about? 




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By Stewie Griffin
15th May 2017 11:36

We've run entirely on broadband/ VOIP for years with very few issues.

If the broadband goes down, we just plug a 3G dongle into the router and we are up and running again.

We are just about to get a 2nd line so we can split voice and data. We've had no issues so far, but it always worries me that the more people we add, the more likely issues will start to happen

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