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Brother Scanner ADS-2200

Any good?

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This one seems like a good deal with the £75 cash back, anyone use a brother scanner or even better this model? My brother laser printer has been a fantastic pieve of kit, so reliable.

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By memyself-eye
16th Nov 2019 17:47

Cash back? Bound to be a good deal. Go for it

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By daniel_
18th Nov 2019 09:52

We have a slightly newer one, ADS 2600We and it's generally very good.

Have found that it jams if you feed paper that's very thin or pages that are stacked very tightly together - it tries to feed two pages together. If you 'babysit' it and feed thin pages carefully it always works well.

We use it over the network, it's set up to save files directly to our NAS/file server over wifi and don't use any of the software that comes with the scanner.

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By SWAccountant
18th Nov 2019 09:53

Lets hope you don't have to scan any sisters. (Yes, I know, I'm really funny).

Don't forget to laugh.

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Replying to SWAccountant:
By SouthCoastAcc
18th Nov 2019 10:16

Niece joke, but I guess its all relative.

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