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BTC - Gateway and Agent IDs

Trying to file first self assessment on BTC

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I'm just finding my feet in terms of setting up in practice and have recently purchased BTC in order to do self assessments, statutory accounts and CT600s.

Could someone please advise me on how to correctly fill in the "HMRC Details and Options" section of BTC? Am I correct to assume the following:

"HMRC Self Assessment Online Filing Details" - should I enter the Gateway ID and password of my own Gov Gateway agent account here?

"HMRC Corporation Tax Online Filing Details" - should be same as above assuming I register the Agent IDs with the same GG Agent account?

Lastly - Although I have an Agent Gov Gateway account set up, I don't have the Agent IDs for SA, CT etc. yet (HMRC aren't responding to my letters). Can I still file a self assessment for a client via BTC without the Agent IDs for the specific taxes?

Thanks in advance


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By Tim Vane
28th Apr 2020 17:59

You’ll probably be unable to do much of anything until your agent credentials arrive.

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By Wanderer
28th Apr 2020 18:02

Q1 Yes.
Q2 Yes.
Q3 Doubt it.

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By Cheshire
28th Apr 2020 18:07

I dont use this software but surely there is a guide somewhere?

I found this one, but worth checking the help option to check its up to date?

Until someone else comes along who will asnwer in full, of course.

Edit, crossed in the post!

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