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BTC 'in the cloud'

BTC 'in the cloud'

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So, although the likes of VT and Moneysoft don't recommend using Dropbox/Skydrive, many of us do without any issues whatsoever - of which i'm proudly one.

However, I continue to have BTC installed on my office PC only which can be a right pain at times.

I remember emailing BTC a while back who said they disliked Dropbox/Skydrive but would suggest a paid solution such a Mozy.

So, the question is: does anybody successfully use Dropbox or Skydrive for their BTC database or is something like Mozy a must in this scenario?

PS Only just remembered there's a BTC discussion group!!

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By Andrew Ross BTCSoftware
13th Nov 2013 12:59

BTCSoftware, DropBox & the cloud

Dear Platform PM,

There are real problems in using DropBox for any product with a live database with regular read and write access and this is why we strongly advise against using it with our PM or SA Solutions. But I believe you're actually touching on two different areas here:

Secure offsite backup of your data is a really good idea. We happen to use and recommend for this but there are plenty of others available.

However if you are seeking to be able to access and use your software from different locations you should look at a proper hosted solution which will also look after all your back up at the same time. Customers of ours are successfully using a number of different providers for this but the most popular is probably and they will be happy to provide you with further information.

I hope this helps but please contact me or our support team for more information.

Andrew Ross


01932 840 572


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By Howard Marks
13th Nov 2013 13:26

Thanks Andrew

I must admit, I too was confused re the use of Mozy but i've just dug out the old email and it was definitely suggested by you guys when questioned about Dropbox.  Perhaps I wasn't clear enough at the time and it was presumed I was using it for backup rather than cross-PC use.


I was just on the Mozy site a few moments ago and noticed they now offer 'Mozy Stash' which i'm guessing is simply a Dropbox alternative so again of little use?




Hosted Accountants are mentioned on here quite regularly so i'll perhaps pick up the phone at some point, I was just trying to avoid yet another software fee if truth be told.

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By ashokcheriyan
09th Apr 2015 16:40

changing to BTC from Iris

 I am thinking of moving from iris to BTC software. any comments ?

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