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BTC or Tax Calc?

BTC or Tax Calc?

Its that time of year again, need to choose tax software. Having using BTC last year, am thinking of using Tax Calc but find it a little long winded compared to the way you enter only the data you need into BTC and it populates the tax return. (Not happy with the way BTC prints the entire tax return when even on Ftax you can print the Full or completed pages only). Am considering the move as the GUI, and overall management appear to better on Tax Calc. Having only had a quick look at the demo of TaxCalc perhaps there are quicker ways to use it.

Has anyone experiance of using both software's that can share their views? 

Many Thanks


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25th Mar 2011 13:29

Not exactly an answer to your query, but .....

We are using TaxCalc, and looking at BTC.

I like everything about TaxCalc, except the reports, which could be more nicely laid out. If you use 'HMRC Forms' mode for entry it is extremely quick, and I doubt any software could be quicker. I wasn't particularly enamoured with the software when I first purchased it, but my appreciation for its simplicity, and reliability, grows every time that I use it. As I have said many times before, I wish I had started using it years ago.

I am evaluating BTC simply because it has a CRM, is reasonably priced, and is integrated. I have been astounded by the amount of support given, especially as I haven't made any sort of commitment to them. They have taken my comments where the CRM doesnt meet the specs available in my home grown CRM database and are helping me find solutions and workarounds. The support I have received to date is far in excess of that received (or should I say not received) from the suppliers of very expensive software. BTC actually seem to care about keeping their customers happy.

BTC inform me that the tax reports, and backing schedule reports, are to be improved. Has anyone any further advice or comments re BTC?

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26th Mar 2011 11:16


Thanks Shirley I found your response v helpful. Please post here on which way you decide to go. Are you not waiting for TaxCalc Hub? At this stage I know as much as you do about the release date.

TaxCalc - what happened to your quick and informative response on AW? Why are you not coming out and giving a formal response on AW on where things stand on the Hub?


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By Flash Gordon
26th Mar 2011 12:09

Taxcalc Hub

I'm using Taxcalc and am pleased with it (having changed from PTP) but I signed up to it last year as they said that everyone using it as at last October would get the Hub free when it was released. We're now nearly in April and still no sign of the Hub being released which makes me wonder if it will happen and if they'll honour their promise. They're supposed to be bringing out accounts and bookkeeping software in the summer but who knows now. They could have gone for a March / April release of accounts software to grab part of the iXBRL swapping market and I'd have been interested but now they've missed the boat as I've gone for VT as I've accounts to get out from April onwards. It's strange that they have no mention of the Hub on their website or Facebook etc. Does anyone know when the latest release of their tax software will be out as its pre-order at the mo?

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10th Apr 2011 15:25

What about LLP's?

Which packages (accounts and / or tax) can handle LLP's? I know Iris can, but the cheaper ones?


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11th Apr 2011 11:49

Decision made

I have decided to stick with TaxCalc this year.

I actually feel quite bad about not giving BTC my business, purely because they were so helpful and so interested in my opinion of the software, and their willingness to consider suggestions and 'wish lists' is very encouraging. The BTC software is really good and very economical. As stated above, I looked at BTC because it had a CRM and TaxCalc seemed to have gone very quiet about their CRM offering, and it's capabilities are still unknown.

I was given a very long trial period by BTC. The CRM is very good and does everything you would expect, and more besides. However, it does not have have the little 'extras' that I have programmed into my own database. This is not a criticism of BTC as it would be totally ridiculous for any software company to allow such a massive amount of tailoring as this would introduce endless complications which would result in a lack of reliability. It needed me to trial the CRM for me to realise just how well our own tailored CRM 'fits' our systems & procedures.

So, for now, I am sticking with TaxCalc. Next year ... who knows? The beauty of standalone software is that it is so easy to change from year to year and the BTC tax software will standalone, too.


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11th Apr 2011 12:59

Thanks Shirely

I found your response very helpful. You have your head screwed on!


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12th Apr 2011 09:23

Your kind words

-- Shirley, Thank you for your kind words. I'm pleased  that you liked PM Solution and only sorry not to be able to welcome you as a customer this time round. We only launched the product last autumn so it was never going to give you everything you get from a totally bespoke system with much more development behind it. There is a significant program of further enhancements to PM Solution this year but the take-up is already far ahead of expectations.  We really value the input of everyone who evaluates our software and any viable suggestions that will benefit others get scheduled for inclusion by the development team. Who knows? Maybe we'll secure your business next time?

Andrew Ross BTCSoftware.

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