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I last encountered BTC at an AWeb event in Manchester, and I was sufficiently interested to pitch as a possible solution to my (then) employer. Then came my life changes and things never progressed.

I know that use of Anon is frowned upon (I've been around here long enough) but in this instance, I prefer not to be identified in asking this, since I am not the decision maker, and I don't want to jeapordise my employer's relationship with the current supplier (IRIS).

However, I do know that my employer is exploring alternatives, and I was impressed with BTC to the extent that I got to talk to the reps about it. (And I still have the BTC carry outcoffee mug).

Bearing in mind I can't respond without revealing myself, does anyone have experience of BTC as a practice solution (i.e. practice management/accounts/CT/PT/TT etc.) and would you recommend? I have my employer interested in exploring.

I'm also aware that BTC reps visit here, so make yourselves known and I'll PM you.

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By rmillaree
30th Apr 2021 17:28

We have used btc and i am a bit of a fanboy.
We use it for personal tax / ct600's aligned with vt accounts.
Digital storage of scanned info and correspondence (we use excel still for most letters sits as worksheet withi folder)

Its a highly competent easy to use solution - not the flashiest thing on the market and possibly not the most complete solution but it gets the job done nicely for tax returns and most main admin duties.

We came to BTC via drummohr who were bought out via IRIS and were forced to swap the year IRIS closed dummohr and their new fancy online replacement simply did not work 2 weeks into the new tax year!!

Note as far as i am aware they are moving to full cloud solution soon in the next 18 months - so you may factor that into your decision if you are thinking about swapping now - i expect transition will be relatively seamless.

Main advantage with btc is that their customer service can't be faulted - genrlaly when there are issues we know full well that they are just following the rules as laid out by hmrc.

When we signed up they gave us trial and imported our clients in for us - so probably worth a test run to see what it does do and what it doesn't do.

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By Refs1
30th Apr 2021 18:37

We use BTC and are happy with there software.

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