BTC Software Cloud Software Down?

Any other users having problems?

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I use BTC cloud software for my Tax Returns but Saturday, Sunday and today I can't log on.

Usually the support is great but two phone calls and two e-mails are now unanswered and this morning no-one is picking up the phone.

Is it just me or are other BTC users having issues?


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By rememberscarborough
17th Jan 2022 09:42

Don't use BTC but Sage One appears to be down as well. Wonder if they have the same servers?

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By sijolees
17th Jan 2022 09:48

Problem resolved - apparently the last Windows update broke the VPN (if I understand correctly). All back and operational now.

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Replying to sijolees:
17th Jan 2022 15:10

Yes - that happened to me once. But they promptly sort it out. I made a point of thinking I must remember how to do it. Now I havent a clue so will have to get in touch if it happens aagain

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