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BTCSoftware and VT Import

BTCSoftware and VT Import- no automatic mapping?

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I am having trouble with my importing of VT into BTCSoftware (nearly all of the VT account categories are standard).

Helpdesk gave me a standard format for the CSV file:

Code  Description  Credit  Debit

I don't know what the "Code" column is meant to be from VT, so I copied Description into Code for all rows (probably the wrong thing to do).

BTCSoftware then imported the TB but does not show any automatic mapping from VT and you have to do it all manually.

Is this the only way to import from VT as I'm not impressed with the lack of mapping by the software?


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By Goffey
12th Oct 2018 08:34

I have no problems importing VT accounts into BTC personal/corporate tax module. I don't use BTC accounting though. Which program are you having problems importing into?

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By mjshort
12th Oct 2018 13:22

To clarify its VT book-keeping into BTCSoftware Accounts Production.

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