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Budgeting & Forecasting Solution?

Budgeting & Forecasting Solution?

Hello All,

We're looking for recommendations for a budgeting and forecasting solution. I’ve outlined some ideal features below, and any recommendations would be gratefully received, especially if you have any first-hand experience of using the recommended tool.


We’re a UK based company - in the £8- £12m turnover bracket

We are multi-divisional – so a tool that can reconcile different data sources is key.

We have some overseas operations – so currency handling will be useful

We currently use excel to pull data from a number of sources – any new tool will ideally automate this

Ideally cloud based - possibly with UK based support

We’re looking at spending around £500-£1000 per month

Flexibility is vital: Capability to easily build different scenarios, and then adapt/modify them

Multi-user system with different access rights is important too

Look forward to seeing if any tools are already being successfully used.


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20th Dec 2012 16:28

Budgeting and Forecasting Solution


I'll declare upfront that we are partners of Adaptive Planning so ours is a vendors view - though we'd be happy to connect you with any of our customers - some of whom have implemented their solutions using only the free documentation and training provided by AP with a little advice and guidance from us.

Key points:

1) Adaptive Planning is cloud-based (designed like that from the beginning)

2) Different sources of data can be imported from different GL systems for actuals or other sources of data for planning - so your multi-divisional and data import needs ought to be met. However, automating that process can be problematic - it depends on the sources/platforms etc. so most of our clients output their source data into AP Excel template and import from there.

(It must also be said, of course, that the data in those spreadsheets may have its origin in someone keying the data in - so getting them to enter straight into the new tool makes sense, and that's the value of the cloud for disparately located businesses)

3) AP is multi-currency, allowing you to set the currency by version - so you can create a budget/forecast, copy that to a new version and change the rates and then compare the two versions to see the effect

4) You mention "flexibility" and I guess that's is in the eye of the beholder. A great way to find out would be to sign up to a 30 day free trial of AP and knock it around to see what it will do. We'd help you through that process.

5) AP is multi-user and different roles can be be assigned to those users.

6) Your budget would cover an Adaptive Planning subscription (though the final subscription is user number / duration dependent).


The best way to learn more would be to visit the Adaptive Planning website or drop me line with your contact details for a more detailed conversation. My contact details are: [email protected] and my mobile is 07711080078.

In any event, if we do not speak before Christmas I trust you'll have and enjoyable break.




Brian Rumbles


Clear Plan (SaaS) ltd.



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20th Dec 2012 16:34

Have you considered ...

For your size of company and the amount of money that you are willing to spend, why not looking at a fully bespoke solution ?

When I have looked at off the shelf applications in the past they appear to be so generic and inflexible and require so much adaption and further add-ons etc. to make them useful that you might as well start from scratch.

Have you not looked at using an Excel / VBA expert who could work with you and provide a fully tailored solution ?

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20th Dec 2012 17:25

I strongly recommend this company....

.....they could solve all your criteria. 

I would strongly recommend you take a look and even get in contact with them to have a chat, because their bespoke solutions sound exactly what you might be looking for - without going off on one into a sales pitch for them, all i can say is that they would literally would meet all the points in your original post.


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By Alf
11th Jan 2013 10:41

Disagree with bespoke solution

Personally I don't think your budget is big enough for a bespoke system

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to johngroganjga
11th Jan 2013 14:37

Disagree- Cost would be fine

Alf wrote:

Personally I don't think your budget is big enough for a bespoke system


I disagree, the cost of a bespoke solution provided by the company that I quoted in my original message would very easily fit the OPs budget.

But obviously - this can depend on the volume of work required etc :)

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11th Jan 2013 13:41

Dont wish to Hi Jack the post

But I am starting back in practice and wondered what solution you guys use for doing buisness plans and forecasts for your clients. I have Sage Winforecast from a few years ago which cost around £500. It is very easy to use and looks Ok presentation wise but I imagine there is better non sage products available now. I would prefer something that genetated more reports info that supports the P & L , Cashflow & B/S pages to save you adding loads of word notes etc. Is there anything available more sutable.



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