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Builder working in Italy for six months

Builder working in Italy for six months

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I have a builder working in Italy for Six months under his own UK company.

While the company are fine from a permanent establishment point of view as an employee of the UK company does he still need to register with the Italian authorities for social security etc and appoint an accountant in Italy.  I just recall reading something a few year back about this - does anyone know the formalities required ?   He will be in Italy less than 183 days.


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By Portia Nina Levin
30th Aug 2017 15:34

That's nice Jim.

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By Tax Dragon
30th Aug 2017 17:38

AW's endless anons and freeloaders are best advised "go see an accountant".

While many accountants seem to need to be told "is that a question you should be attempting to answer?"

Why oh why, Jim, do you think you should/are able to give your client advice about Italian obligations?

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By Jim100
30th Aug 2017 22:40

I was merely asking if anyone knew as vaguely remembered that a contractor needs to register but cannot recall what exactly .

Never intended to give complete detailed advice on obligations but want my client to be aware of potential obligations in Italy in respect of registrations. Some knowledge is better than none.

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