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Building for FosterCare Zero VAT?

House extension of 2 bedrooms for Fostering can this be a zero vat?

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I am about to build a house extension of 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a kitchen with the aim on compeition of fostering 1, 2 or siblings. An accountant has suggested this can be done at zero vat. Has anyone done this a what is the process and guidelines. 


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By Les Howard
28th Apr 2020 14:44

Unlikely, I fear.
Zero-rating of a new building is for a dwelling or relevant residential purpose building. An extension is usually not a 'new' building (although it might be).
Further, if the extension cannot be used or disposed of separately, it cannot constitute a new dwelling.

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By paul.benny
28th Apr 2020 14:45

I think you should get the accountant who suggested it could be zero-rated to advise you on how to do it. Even if it's possible - and I'm not convinced - there are plenty of pitfalls.

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By lionofludesch
28th Apr 2020 15:55

I vote no.

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