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Busines travel expenses

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HMRC allows to make settlement with using Worldwide Subsistence Rates or by using actuals (when actuals are higher than subsistence rates).

1st Example

Subsistence rates settlement

I pay for travel between hotel and temporary workplace, costs of taxi ride are higher than 'hotel to office' rate.

I pay for a taxi from company bank account. Does it mean that all costs should be settled by actuals or can I settle separately - taxi according to actually incurred expenses and other costs (meals, hotel) using a subsistence rate?

I was in Singapoure for 2 days .

Worldwide subsistence rates = 2 x (218 SGD +318 SGD ) = 1072 SGD

Taxi costs = 30 SGD

Total = 1102 SGD

Is it correct? Or should I deduct costs of taxi from 24 hour rate?

Worldwide subsistence rates = 2 x (206,5 SGD +318 SGD ) = 1049 SGD

Taxi costs = 30 SGD

Total = 1079 SGD

Are these calculations better?

2nd Example

Subsistence rates settlement.

I had paid for hotel from company's bank account. In this case have I to settle the whole business trip according to total actual expenses?

3rd Example

Our contractor had paid for hotel, I had paid for meals. Should I get refund only for 10% incurred costs – both hotel and meals? Or can I settle it separately – hotel with 10% incurred costs and full costs refund of meals expenses? Or should I just deduct room rate and settle other costs by subsistence rates?

4th example

I had paid for hotel and taxi ride. After business trip I issued an invoice  to my contractor (the reason of this trip was meeting with him) and I put on it hotel and taxi costs, as a reimbursement. Can we settle expenses this way? Should be business trip settled using actuals in this situation? 

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By Accountant A
18th Jun 2019 15:23

Yes, to answer your question, you do need an accountant.

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By paul.benny
18th Jun 2019 15:41

What is your employer's policy on expense reimbursement? I recommend following that.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
18th Jun 2019 16:09

What was Singapore like?

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Replying to Red Leader:
By lionofludesch
18th Jun 2019 17:41

I've been a couple of times and it's just like an airport.

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By dmitchell
18th Jun 2019 16:25

Hi, please, thank you.

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By Tax Dragon
18th Jun 2019 16:31

"We"? Who is "we"?

And you seem to be confusing HMRC rules with "we"'s payment policy.

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