Business Asset Roll-over Relief

Selling FHL/Buying buy-to-let

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Hi all

Just looking over HS290 Business Asset Roll-over Relief and establishing some facts before the sale of FHL.

If selling a FHL for approx £500k and then reinvesting £150k into a buy to let, will that qualify for Business Asset Rollover Relief, or does the slight change in nature of the property ownership take that option off the table?

Many thanks in advance

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By gainsborough
28th Aug 2019 11:59

If the new rental property is not an FHL then the new asset is not a business asset and rollover relief won't apply.

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paddle steamer
28th Aug 2019 12:05

Banking the ER (if applicable) might anyway,in the long term ,be the smarter move .

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By Wilson Philips
28th Aug 2019 12:48

The status of the new property aside, how much was paid for the FHL? You might find that no rollover relief would be available in any event.

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