Business bank account for dual UK/US citizen

Banks won't touch her on account of US citizenship

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I have a British client who holds dual UK/US citizenship. She has recently returned here from the US but is having difficulty finding a bank which will open a business account for her or provide her with a UK credit card. It seems that on account of FATCA regulations they are shying away from her because of her US citizenship.
Can anybody suggest a bank that might oblige? My client isn't the only dual UK/US citizen in the country and they can't all be unbanked!
Thanks in advance :-)

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By OldParkAcct
30th May 2024 16:24

Citibank and Chase seem to be able to handle this, assuming you have the appropriate customer profile.

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By paul.benny
30th May 2024 16:39

For credit cards, Amex should be able to help and will take into account US credit history with them. It may be better contacting directly rather than through a public application.

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By jonharris999
31st May 2024 06:43

Try Tide ?

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By David Treitel
31st May 2024 14:42

Accountants and tax professionals located in the UK would always wish to demonstrate prudence by not recommending specific banks or financial institutions - both to demonstrate independence and to ensure they are not accidentally providing regulated financial advice.

The broader question here relates to US tax compliance and how best a UK based business should best be structured for a US citizen. Has the client taken advice on these matters?

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