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Looking to change the agency we're using.

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I am looking to change the credit agency we use to check our business customers before offering credit accounts.

We are currently with Creditsafe, and were with Experian prior to that.  Having used Creditsafe for a couple of years, I know that I preferred Experian, based on simple ease of use things - for example; they both send regular emails about business you are monitoring, but Experian details things like changes in credit limits in the email, whereas Creditsafe you have to open up the actual business report to see if the change is something you need to worry about;   we've also had some 'discussion's' with some customers who we've not given higher credit to based on Creditsafe reports which can vary incredibly to other agencies. (I understand Creditsafe changed the way they rate people a while back which makes them harsher than other agencies?)

Really I am just wanting to gather other people's views/experiences on 'good' agencies to use to assist with making this decision.  So far I am going to enquire with Graydons, D&B, Business Express.  I have checked through previous questions but couldn't see any current comments.

Thanks for any thoughts

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By Livepay
29th Jun 2018 13:44

I used to work for Riskdisk which became Experian Business Express. In my opinion Business Express is far superior to anything else currently. D&B is expensive (or was) as was Graydons. Creditsafe...never liked it or their selling style.

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By evileve
29th Jun 2018 14:00

Interesting, thank you.
Agree Creditsafe selling style is pretty bad, I think it's verging on harassment! Another reason I am not so keen on them.

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By tom123
29th Jun 2018 15:26

D&B has the widest source of data, IIRC, so if I had a serious need I would use them.

They are costly, though,

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By badgmalt
05th Jul 2018 10:57

I looked at this 6 months or so ago. I sought the views of a contact of mine who used to work for credit insurers and his view was that Experian and D&B are market leaders. These things tend to be automated but his view was that Experian/D&B rely much less on automation in compiling ratings

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By pharvey
05th Jul 2018 12:12

We have used Top Service ( for many years and found them to be excellent. Admittedly, they specialise in the Construction Industry but all UK companies are covered. They also have a very good debt chasing facility which has proved invaluable many times over.

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