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Business expense on a hand written receipt

I have some hand written receipts from a parking space in Derby, can I use them to claim expenses?


I have been working in Derby for a couple of weeks and have several (12) hand written receipts for a parking space, only including the stamp of the owner of the land (a Ltd. company). One of them does not include the stamp. I also have some cab receipts in this particular form, showing only expense number, date and signature. Will these suffice to show that I have incurred this particular business expense or do I need a more formal receipt/invoice. They were unable to provide me with a more elaborated document as per their own words.

Many thanks in advance.


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23rd Apr 2018 19:49

You don’t say who you are planning to “claim” the expenses from. If you mean to claim reimbursement from your employer, it’s up to the employer. If by any chance you are in control of the company you are working for, it’s even better because you are the employer as well. If you mean can you deduct the expenses for tax purposes in your self employed accounts, well you know whether they are genuine expenses or not. If they are, deduct away.

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By manzed
to johngroganjga
24th Apr 2018 00:07

Thanks John.

They are completely legit expenses of my sole trader venture but I’m unsure if HMRC would refute the format in case of an audit.

Best regards and thanks again for your help.

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to manzed
24th Apr 2018 07:40

A future HMRC enquiry is a bridge to cross when you get there. And for you to worry unduly that if there ever is one HMRC might seek to assert that some of your petty cash receipts were forgeries is frankly a little paranoid.

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By manzed
to johngroganjga
24th Apr 2018 09:31

Thanks for your reply John. I just want to carry my business accounts out in the most clean and transparent way. It's an educational thing and for my own peace of mind mainly. Regards.

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