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How to keep track.

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What is best way of keepng  track of available business grants please ? Clients constantly ask me when next grant is due and if this that or other grant is available to them.Thanks for help and advice.


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By Mr_awol
19th Mar 2021 12:15

My local county council has a business hub which i registered for and i get emails about some of the measures. It helps me to keep up to date.

Ultimately, however, i dont feel it is our job to monitor this an i consider myself to be doing them a favour if i do proactively point something out. It's their business and they should run it, not me.

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By accountantccole
19th Mar 2021 12:43 and registering with local authorities.

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By bettybobbymeggie
19th Mar 2021 12:55

For HMRC covid grants, I have been updating clients via email. I felt that was my responsibility to keep them informed.

For local authority covid grants (I live on the boundary of four different LA's) I have sent clients links to their relevant LA's 'hub' and have told them they need to keep checking.

For non-covid grants - if I happen to read about one I will let relevant clients know, but otherwise it's the client's problem.

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