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Business guides...

Business guides...

I am wanting to provide current and new clients guides on running their business.

I could create these myself but wondered if anyone new of any available (preferably free).

Guides such as: -

Running a limited company - detailing how to pay dividends, salary, etc

would be most useful.

Thank you in advance.
Nicholas Robinson


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28th Mar 2006 17:10

Online Business Library

Hi Nicholas

You might want to take a look at Bizezia’s Online Business Library, which comprises over 700 downloadable publications which are personalised to your firm and available from your own website for clients and prospects to download for free (and updated by the Bizezia team).

There are a number of ‘categories’ of publications that you can choose from (which cover all business issues), and you can choose to have as many of these categories as you like (so the cost varies depending on what you want).

There are over 700 publications available (all personalised to your firm) and the list of categories available are:

• Law and Regulation
• Buying or Selling a Business and Business Valuations
• Business Taxation
• Personal Taxation
• Value Added Tax
• National Insurance
• Stamp Duty
• Getting and Keeping Customers
• Hiring, firing and Managing Staff
• Incorporation and Business Structure
• Insurance, Pensions and Investment
• Retirement and Succession Planning
• Starting a Business
• Business/Financial
Management and Strategic Planning
• Finding Money for your Business
• Companies in Trouble
• Company Cars
• Using Technology
• Your Home and Your Money
• Expanding Your Business
• Management Buy-outs and Buy-ins
• Government Initiatives
• Health and Safety
• Specialist Sectors
• Inheritance Tax and Will Planning
• Company Law and Directors Responsibilities
• Doing Business in Other Countries

Visit for more information, or email [email protected].

If you register online you can view the full library.

Kind regards

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By Anonymous
28th Mar 2006 22:58

Good luck
I was looking for exactly the same thing recently and despite my best efforts couldnt find anything at sensible prices.

Often they seem to be web-based and, or, linked to websites and are just SO expensive for small practices...shame!

If you do find any please let me know.

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29th Mar 2006 09:33

The businesslink website is clear and covers many subjects including tax and business structure. It may not be as comprehensive as you might be looking for but is a useful reference tool for a startup business.

Although it is web based it is possible to print out many documents and the 'no nonsense guide' can be ordered in the post.


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