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I have a client, Shropshire/Cheshire/Mid Wales Borders, who is looking to sell their business. £300K t/over plumbing business.

Can anyone recommend a business sale agent that covers these areas and might be able to help market the business for sale and provide some advice on the sales process to my client.

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By Moonbeam
23rd Jun 2021 16:23

The world is full of dodgy characters, especially in this area. When I last hunted around for a goodun, I found Clinton Lee of

Get the client to check out his website, maybe connect with him on LinkedIn.

He won't spend any time on educating the client, as the world is also full of business owners who think there's a queue of people wanting to pay a fortune for their business.

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By Leywood
23rd Jun 2021 17:06

Worth adding, he is a poster on here.

(Ive not used him)

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