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Business tax account

How does a client set up a business tax account?

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We are trying to guide clients re MTD, many of whom do their own VAT returns. I want to advise them to set up a Business Tax Account. Obviously, they all have a Government Gateway user ID and password as they have had to make submissions online for the past few years. An individual can apply for a personal tax account here This page does not however contain a link to register for a business tax account for VAT purposes. It does refer to setting up an account for corporation tax purposes but this will obviously not apply to sole traders and partnerships.

1. Can anyone advise me of the appropriate link?

2. Or do they automatically already have a business tax account if they have a VAT Government Gateway?

3. Is their chosen software company likely to need a Business Tax Account to be set up or will the existing Government Gateway credentials suffice?

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By [email protected]
08th Mar 2019 15:33

I'm not 100% sure but fairly confident this process is due to be ironed out post 1/4/19 when all businesses move across. Sorry hope someone can clarify! My understanding is will be automatic when have government MTDfVAT gateway. Has been a challenge for those on the pilot!

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By Duggimon
08th Mar 2019 15:59

They use the same account they currently do for filing VAT returns, it's only agents who need a new one.

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By Anita14
08th Mar 2019 20:45

I've signed up a client to use MTD with Sage. You sign up here
To sign up you will need the company number and UTR, then will need to enter the usual Government Gateway ID. The online application is very quick but you do need to wait a few days for confirmation of acceptance (mine came by post).
I notice now that when I log on to HMRC (using the same credentials as before) the top of the screen now shows Business Tax Account. It may have been there before but I didn't notice. From the BTA, I can access existing HMRC services (PAYE and Gift Aid), but the link to VAT now goes to the new, very empty portal. From there you can still access a link to the old VAT site and can see one year's history only.
Setting up Sage meant simply ticking a box for MTD. I didn't have to change any of the login details.

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Replying to Anita14:
By John R
11th Mar 2019 10:16

Thanks, but I do not want to sign up the client yet, I thought I would probably need them to have a BTA so I just wanted to get that organised first.

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By Moonbeam
09th Mar 2019 09:49

I would strongly urge you tell client to do absolutely nothing different until their last VAT return under the old regime is filed - which would be dated 31 May at the latest I presume.
Dodgy HMRC software will cause many a client a nervous breakdown. Better to leave it until the last minute in the hope HMRC gets its spanners out and tightens up the nuts by then.

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