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Business, tax & accountancy podcasts

Business, tax & accountancy podcasts

Before everyone bunks off for the Jubilee weekend, I’m curious to know how many AccountingWEB members spend their spare time listening to work-related podcasts.

Which ones do you listen to, and what do you like about them? And what subjects that aren’t currently covered well would appeal to you?

The reason I’m asking is because we’re planning to put together some podcasts ourselves and want to get an idea of the level of demand, what what formats and approaches work best.

As part of this exercise, I also want to put together a catalogue of recommended podcasts - so the more recommendations we get from community members, the better!

Here are some of the more interesting ones I’ve found so far. Let us know of any others that you like!

  • BBC Bottomline with Evan Davis The Today presenter used to be the BBC’s economics editor, and fronts this useful compilation of panel discussion-based presentations. The quality is as you would expect from the BBC, and while the focus tends to be a little corporate, there’s a good supply and variety of general business topics to choose from. The Moneybox archive with Paul Lewis is also recommended for its tax and pensions coverage.
  • ACCA members podcasts There’s a sizeable archive tucked away on the ACCA website, many of which go back a few years. But the CPD lectures page is worth monitoring for recent updates. The podcasts are just audio captures from normal lectures, but may cover topics of interest to you. There’s also a small selection of 15min student podcasts from October 2010.
  • ICAEW ethics podcasts Another institute offering a patchy podcast selection. But the ethics podcast series features good production values. While slightly patronising in tone, they range across some important and sensitive topics. MP3s need to be downloaded rather than streamed.
  • CIOT podcasts with John Whiting Not only does the institute’s technical doyen know his stuff, he’s got a clear, BBC-endorsed voice and a soothing delivery style that takes some of the stress out of trying to understand tax. But untangling the nation’s fiendishly complex tax system may have distracted him. The last podcast was recorded shortly after the budget in March 2012.
  • Tax Justice Network's TaxCast Another seasoned radio performer, Richard Murphy weighs in as a regular contributor to these monthly 15-minute summaries of developments surrounding tax evasion, tax avoidance and the shadow banking system. A different kettle of fish to many of the more technically oriented podcasts, but worth your attention for the political background to current tax debates.
  • Accountancy Ireland podcast Fronted by radio presenter Dusty Rhodes, this long-running series is very slick, but its mainstream approach means that the focus is more personality interviews than relevant technical and issues for listeners outside Ireland.
  • IASB financial reporting podcasts Dry-as-dust recaps from board meetings where they discuss the definitions and internal workings of proposed international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Intended more for specialists, but very useful if you’d like to get explanations from the horse’s mouth. 

That's only a start - let us know the podcasts you think are essential listening for AccountingWEB members.


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01st Jun 2012 13:04

well i havent heard of a few of these

but I would certainly welcome a site to encompass these and hopefully your soon to be released epics

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