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Business tax dashboard

Business tax dashboard

I was pleased to hear we'd be able to view our clients PAYE account with the new business dashboard. However it doesn't seem to work for agents.

Am I missing something?


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17th Apr 2012 17:59


but HMRC are .... again !

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18th Apr 2012 09:41

Client log in

If you want to view this you will need your clients log-in information.

It isnt available for agents at the moment (IT complications) but you can see the details if you log in as your client.

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By 0098087
18th Apr 2012 10:29

Thanks. Typical HMRC. Would be so nice if we could have access. I would also like an option to show all clients whose tax returns have not been filed. I do keep a list but you know things can be missed

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