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Buying a block of Fees

Using a broker: their cost and recommendations

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Just putting our ducks in a row. 

We are a fairly young firm and formulating plans to buy a block of fees this year.  We wanted to ask the community
for any broker recommendations, and what we can expect to pay (% wise) by way of introducer fee. 

I guess it depends on the size of the block, so let's say a block of £150k

Thank you in advance


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By James Green
14th May 2019 10:20

Bought several times through Kevin Smith at Vivian Sram.

Buyer pays fees, typically 5% of GRF value

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By 1 2
14th May 2019 10:35

I found Nicola Draper of Draper Hinks was helpful to chat through some things a while ago...though I never proceeded with a purchase/sale.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
14th May 2019 12:43

Love the predictive text!

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Replying to Red Leader:
By Nippy
14th May 2019 13:20


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